What is the filing fee for my case?

Filing fees vary based on the type of case filed and change from year to year. Please contact Urberg Law Office, LLC to verify the particular filing fee for your type of case.

What is a retainer?

A retainer is a deposit or advance payment to the law firm in order to retain the services of an attorney. It may also be used to pay for some of the fees and costs which the firm anticipates it will incur in your representation. The firm will be compensated out of the retainer funds only as it earns the fees or incurs costs on your behalf. The amount of the retainer requested by the firm depends upon the amount of time and costs which the firm anticipates it will spend to represent you. The retainer will usually only cover only a portion of the entire fee anticipated. If the firm concludes its representation and has not utilized all of the retainer funds, you will be refunded the difference. Work will not begin on your behalf, nor will any appearance by an attorney be entered until the retainer is paid in full.

Where is the Allen County Courthouse?

The Allen County Courthouse is located in historic downtown Fort Wayne at 715 S. Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Where is the City County Building?

The City-County Building is located at One East Main Street in historic downtown Fort Wayne, across from the Allen County Courthouse.

Where is the Small Claims Division?

The small claims division is located in the Allen County Courthouse Annex at 113 W. Berry Street in downtown Fort Wayne.

Where is the Juvenile Justice Center?

The Wood Youth Center is located at 2929 Wells Street North in Fort Wayne, just minutes from downtown.

How long will my case take?

The length of time it takes to complete a matter can vary. Much of it will depend upon the cooperation of the parties and attorneys involved, as well as other factors. For example, a dissolution may take longer if the divorce is contested, and whether or not custody is being challenged.

What is my responsibility as a client?

The first thing that an attorney asks of a client is to be truthful at all times. Withholding information or providing incorrect information will prevent the attorney from giving proper advice. Additionally, throughout the legal process the attorney will have various different requests, so be prepared to give your attorney as much information as possible regarding you and your case. Keeping detailed files with information such as dates, finances and the like will also help your attorney help you. It is also critical that you keep the attorney informed at all times with regard to any changes in your address or other contact information.

What is the role of my attorney?

The attorney will use his or her legal knowledge and training to represent you and to offer you different solutions to your legal problem. The attorney will also represent you in court or another forum, if that is necessary to resolve your case.


Cases are billed at either a contingent or percentage basis; a flat fee rate (a specific amount for a specific task or product); or hourly. Persons suing for bodily injury are usually represented on a contingent fee basis which means there is no fee charged unless and until the client gets a settlement or an award of money. The usual contingent fee is 1/3 of amounts recovered for the client.

The present hourly rate for our firm is One Hundred Seventy Five Dollars ($175.00) per hour. This rate is subject to periodic adjustments upon notice to each client. We also reserve the right to charge a supplementary fee where extraordinary time commitments in evenings and on weekends are required in order to meet a client's schedule, where added risks are imposed on the firm by services such as the issuance of opinion letters, where extraordinarily favorable results are achieved, and in other exceptional but appropriate circumstances.

The firm employs various legal assistants. Accordingly, work the assistants perform in a paralegal capacity will be billed at a rate of Sixty-five Dollars ($65.00) per hour. We have found that by using the services of a legal assistant, the overall fees are generally less.

Please note that these rates are for general information purposes only. Please contact Urberg Law Office, LLC to further discuss the fee arrangement for a particular case. Upon acceptance of a case, you will receive a written fee agreement detailing the type of fee to be charged and which will also explain in detail additional charges (including, but not limited to, court costs, expense recovery, postage, photocopying and the like) that will appear on your bill. You may or may not be required to pay a retainer or have a co-signer.


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